Learn How to Get ESA Letter for Cat and Improve Your Quality of Life

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “ an emotional support animal?” Most people would say, a dog. And that’s fine, after all, they are the most popular choice for an emotional support animal or an ESA.

There are many animals, other than dogs, who can make a great ESA. And cats are one such animal. In fact, after dogs, cats are the most popular emotional support animals.

And if you are not sure about how to get ESA letter for cat, don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this article, you will learn how to get ESA letter for cat without any hassle. So, let’s get started.

But what is an emotional support cat, exactly?

Cats are loved by a lot of people, and they should be. I mean, they are cute, adorable, fluffy, maybe a little mean at times, but extremely loving too. These furballs make a great pet, and can even help people with emotional and mental health issues.

These qualities of cats make them great emotional support animals. That’s why a lot of people search “how to get an ESA letter for a cat” on Google.

Cats have a playful and affectionate nature and can help in lowering the stress levels in people through their cuddly and playful personalities. To make your cat an emotional support animal, you just need an ESA letter.

Here’s How to Get ESA Letter for Cat

There are just three simple steps that you need to follow to get ESA letter for cat online. This way you will not even have to step outside of your home to get your ESA letter. So, here’s what you need to do - 

Step 1. Fill out a simple online application 

You can simply visit My ESA Doctor website and fill out a simple online application form. This form includes your basic information and medical history.

Step 2. Connect with a mental health professional via video call 

The next step is to talk to a mental health professional online via video call. The doctor/mental health professional evaluates your condition to see whether you qualify for an ESA letter or not. 

Step 3. Receive your recommendation if the doctor approves

Once your online evaluation is done, the doctor will then decide whether you qualify for an ESA letter or not. Only if the doctor approves, you will receive your ESA letter in PDF format via email within a few minutes.

So, these are three simple steps that you need to follow to get ESA letter for cat online.

What Are The Top Emotional Support Cat Breeds?

While any cat with the right temperament can make a great emotional support cat, some cats are more suited for the job. Here are some of the best cat breeds that can make a great emotional support animal.

  • Siamese

  • Persian

  • American Bobtail

  • Ragdoll

  • Manx

  • Bengal

  • Maine Coon

  • Russian Blue


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